Payment Policy

In an effort to provide you with the highest quality care and still maintain lower prices for our services, we have established this financial policy to assist you in understanding and complying with our clinic’s service fees. The patient or patient’s guardian is responsible for payment of all services provided by the dental office of Jeffrey P Fish DDS. Patients are asked to select a payment plan below:

Plan A: Cash discount for Patients Without Dental Insurance
Effective March 1, 2022: Receive a 5% discount if payment is received in full at the time of service, by cash or check. Payments by credit card are not eligible.

Insurance claims
Dental insurance policies are contracts between the insurance company and the insured. Insurance companies pay only a portion of dental treatments, that portion is specified by your insurance contract. It is the patient’s responsibility to verify all insurance policies regarding co-pays, deductibles, and coverage. All patient co-pays are due at the time of service. We are happy to accurately and efficiently submit all claims to insurance companies. However, in cases where an insurance company has not paid the services within 60 days, the patient or patient’s guardian is responsible for the bill. Services not covered by an insurance policy are the responsibility of the patient or patient’s guardian. Even if a patient has insurance, we encourage them to select a payment plan from above for any services not covered by their insurance policy.
 Insurance for lab services
Regardless of insurance status, all procedures requiring a lab service (i.e. crown, bridge, denture, mouthpieces, etc.) will require a 1/3 payment at the initial appointment.

Any remaining account balances after 60 days will accrue a 1.5% interest charge.

We reserve the right to run a credit check on any new patient. An outstanding balance of 90 days with no response will be referred to our collection agency and the patient will be dismissed from our practice. Should a patient file bankruptcy, they will be dismissed from our practice. A fee of $25.00 will be assessed on all returned checks.